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Tada~ it’s been a while since I did an art BLEACH related right? well this has its reasons, you know that Bleach Design Contest being hold by We Love Fine right? Well, I did this for it, I know is very simple but my PC can’t work on enormous canvas so I decided to do a manga/black and white thing, also it seems that even thought there are judges you need to be rated to win, so if you could help me then I will love you forever *3* (thought I know I will lose, there are more awesome stuff there orz) Here you can rate me

Now enjoy the art ‘cuz is IchiRuki~

Hate me as you may, but you and I are the only ones who can stop her right now. Please lend me your strength, Senketsu!



Weekly Reminder:

It has been 6 years and 16 days since this face has graced the Bleach manga.

Damn you, Kubo


happy belated easter


Ariel doesn’t seem to mind..

My gift before I start exams: Transparent Rukia for you~ 

Feel free to use! by: shirayuukiss


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by ciber-zay


because that’s all that Elsa wanted— to protect and keep Anna safe and since she realizes that she really can’t control her powers, she’s asking who she thinks will take care of her, this being Hans.

requested by: anonymous

Bleach characters’ favorite desserts


As requested by anon. :)

Because just because they are mostly dead, does not mean they can’t enjoy delicious treats.

1. Isane: German Chocolate Cake

Isane: I-I am a fan of very rich desserts!

2. Unohana: Fresh fruit topped with yogurt

Unohana: I am a fan of more - elegant fare.

3. Orihime: Strawberry shortcake

Orihime: With strawberries on top!

Orihime: Because strawberries are my favorite thing to eat!

Orihime: …why is everyone looking at me like that?

4. Ishida: Angel’s Food Cake

Ishida: Light and fluffy, just like the Quincy.

5. Soul King: Devil Food’s Cake

Soul King:

Soul King: The name means nothing.

6. Tosen: Rocky Road Ice Cream

Tosen: The road to justice is rough.

Tosen: And so is my ice cream.

7. Rukia: Manju

Rukia: I am easily won over by sweets shaped by bunnies.

8. Chad: Tres Leches Cake

Chad: My grandfather used to make it for me.

9. Yukio: Vanilla ice cream sprinkled with edible gold

Yukio: I know.

Yukio: So boring.

10. Nel: Rock pie with sand sprinkles

Nel: It is sometimes hard to find dessert in Hueco Mundo!

Nel: But sand is delicious if you do it right!

11. Shinji: Pineapple upside down cake

Shinji: Reminds me of myself.

Shinji: Which somehow translates into me wanting to eat it. 

12. Byakuya: Banana cream pie

Byakuya: Unlike peasants, I wish my dessert to be both delicious and nutritious.

13. Rose: Bird’s Custard

Rose: For some reason Izuru refuses to try it.

14. Yamamoto: Anmitsu

Yamamoto: I know, I know.

Yamamoto: But I actually prefer cold desserts.

15. Aaroniero: Gingerbread House

Aaroniero: Eating an entire house with little gingerbread people in it makes me incredibly happy and I’m not going to apologize for that.

16. Halibel: Salt Water Taffy

Halibel: Sometimes I go into release just so I can eat it.

17. Hitsugaya: Watermelon Snow Cone

Hitsugaya: The day I discovered watermelon flavored ice was the day I started living.

18. Bazz-B: Molten Chocolate Cake

Bazz-B: ‘Course, “molten” means “barely feels warm” to me! 

19. Ulquiorra: Pastry Heart

Ulquiorra: It is the only way to get a heart inside of myself.

Ulquiorra: And also it is delicious.

20. Aizen: Ducle de Leche

Aizen: Which means “candy from milk.”

Aizen: Because my dessert breaks boundaries, just like me!


Chad: Please stop being a Mexico groupie.

Favorite [Shounen] Manga - 4 /10 (alphabetical order)
↳ Gintama by SORACHI Hideaki